Bounce House Safety Guidelines

Before you get busy bouncing, we want to ensure your safety!

Our inflatables are checked and certified by The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Ride Safety in accordance with Ohio Laws.  The safety precautions below are provided and followed by each customer.  Safety our greatest concern, so please follow the guidelines when renting and operating inflatables and bounce houses.

  1. Select an area clear of all structures, trees, overhead wires, stumps, rocks, animal droppings, etc.
  2. Prime Time Party & Event Rental will anchor each corner of your inflatable when we install it.  Do not remove or modify any of the anchors.
  3. Leave the blower running continuously. Never turn the blower off when someone is using the bounce house.
  4. Inflatables are designed to be used by children. Adults are generally too heavy and could be injured or injure others.
  5. Supervise children while they are using the inflatable.
  6. Group children by size.  Do not allow different size children in the inflatable at the same time.
  7. Limit the number of children in the bounce house at one time.
  8. Remove shoes and sharp objects before entering the bounce house.
  9. Do not perform flips, somersaults, or body slamming in the bounce house.
  10. No food or drink in the bounce house. It becomes a choking hazard.
  11. Keep children away from the blower units. Have children wash their hands and faces after using the bounce house.