Projection Screen



Top-of-the-line, heavy-duty screen featuring:

  • Rugged heavy-duty tripod; sturdy 1″ square steel center tube stays straight when fully extended
  • Easy to operate plunger-lock holds screen at various heights
  • Carpeted case protects screen in transport
  • Matte White surface is a low maintenance surface that reflects light evenly for wide angle viewing, but with relatively low brightness
  • All-purpose surface for slide, video, overhead, LCD, multimedia, and opaque projection
  • Black masking borders
  • Screen size: 96″ wide x 96″ maximum height


A Note on Screen Surfaces:
Screens should be matched to the environment.  For best images, do not view at angles greater than 45 degrees to the projection axis.  Beyond this, images are distorted regardless of the screen surface.  No screen surface can substitute for proper control of lighting, which can wash out and destroy picture quality.  However, total darkness is not required either.  Sufficient light for reading or taking notes will be compatible with most screen surfaces.