Floor Standing Brass Easel


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This floor standing easel is suitable as a lobby stand or art display fixture.  Use this brass stand for any type of presentation purposes or simply use it as a poster stand or advertisement tool.  This floor standing easel is made with a brass finish.  There are fixed height supports to hold displays of varying sizes.  Use this floor standing easel in a lobby or in the entrance way of a meeting room to exhibit signage or a directory.  Also a great way to display seating charts.  


This floor standing easel stands 58″ high and has a footprint of 24″ x 21.5″ and will hold items as small as 17″.  This floor standing easel features a matching chain that keeps the back leg in position while in use. The tripod design takes up minimal floor space while providing a secure fixture for your artwork or signage.  Each floor standing easel also features ornamental accessories at the top and bottom of each leg.  The warm brass finish of this floor standing easel makes it a great choice for any type of environment wanting to project a look of style and class!