Fender Deluxe Portable PA and Speaker Sound System



With versatile controls and connectivity, this all-in-one PA and speaker system is perfect for amplifying your voice, instrument and background music anytime and anywhere. 


This 6 Channel, 250 watt stereo powered mixer includes two custom full-range cabs. The Fender Passport Deluxe PD-250 Portable PA gives you convenience, portability, reliability, and amazing ease of use.  A highly evolved loudspeaker design, the Deluxe Speaker Array, delivers wide horizontal projection, remarkable clarity, and truly impressive imaging via 4 speaker drivers per cabinet (x2 cabs).


Ideal for gigs at parties, small clubs and coffeehouses; education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars, presentations and more.


Conveniently self-contained with go-anywhere suitcase-style portability and easy setup.

53 lbs.

Come with one mic.

Electric required.

I-pod works with the system with a 1/8″ to RCA cables 6′-7′ long.