Runt Run Inflatable Obstacle Course

No need for a race car, the Runt Run obstacle course structure allows kids to directly participate in the race.  Modeled after the Daytona 500, the Runt Run sports a “Playtona Speedway” sign up front, an orange “caution” banner, 3D race flags and a checkered-flag finish with the huge arch at the end. The player enters the right side of the unit above the start line, and completes the obstacle through a series of pop-ups, a climb and slide and an exciting obstacle finish. Kids will always take first place in this amazing inflatable obstacle course.


The Runt Run Obstacle course can be an amazing centerpiece for an indoor or any outdoor party. The inflatable play structure takes participants up a climb, down a slide, and past pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The inflatable play structure guarantees hours of enjoyable physical activity.  Each game has soft safety walls for containment, and is constructed of the fire-resistant, lite n’ strong™ vinyl for easy portability, durability and safety.


This bouncer is for ages 2-7 only,


This Bouncer is:
26' (L) by 15' (W) by 10' (H)


Runt Run Inflatable Obstacle Course