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This is a great test of balance, coordination, and perseverance! 


Each of the two competitors try to climb up one of the rope ladders and the first one who makes it to the top - wins!  Players may also opt to test their skill and see how many attempts it takes to get to the top.  This is definitely not as easy as you may think, especially considering that the ladder has swivels at each end!  If the weight of the climber causes the ladder to swing, no need to stop, just keep climbing with the ladder above you and test your strength.....people can be very creative in how they reach the top.  But, no fear, if you make a mistake, you drop onto the inflatable cushion below.  This Jacob's Ladder interactive game is universal in appeal and is great as a carnival game or as a signature feature in a fundraising event!


This game is:
24' (L) by 16' (W) by 10' (H)

Jacob's Ladder Interactive Inflatable