Inflatable Joust and Boxing Arena

This inflatable arena is sure to draw a crowd of spectators!  From the sidelines, this looks easy, but get up on the pedestals and find out just how hard this truly is!


Have a blast getting back at that annoying boss or co-worker at the next company function, or equal out the sibling rivalry at the next family reunion, or just have fun with friends, as you try and knock each other off the pedestal with a joust stick or giant boxing gloves.  The crowd will be fully entertained and spectators will be posting pictures all over social media of your win or defeat!


This is a great rental option for a company picnic, team building event, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, family reunion, and MORE!


This arena is not made for jumping as a bounce house.


This arena is:
22' (L) by 24' (W) 9' (H)

Inflatable Joust and Boxing Arena