In the State of Ohio, tents require building permits and inspections to ensure it meets state building and fire codes.  Depending on the size and intended use of the tent, additional codes and inspections may be required.

To ensure your event is a success and not interrupted by unexpected delays, Prime Time Party Rental will complete and submit the proper paperwork for permits and inspections so you can focus on the details of your event.  The requirements and fee structure for tent permits and inspections vary by municipality and will be determined once a tent specialist has determined the need and necessary requirements.

Ohio Revised Code: Tents and other membrane structures

There are many factors that determine the installation of your tent.  In efforts to ensure a smooth process, please become familiar with the process below.


Depending on the size and location of your tent, we may require a Pre-Site Inspection prior to Reservation.  There is a fee which will be credited toward your contract.  Site inspections are valuable in preventing potential problems prior to installation of the tent.


To avoid potential safety issues, please respect our adherence to following policies.

Because power can jump, an 8′ clearance away from overhead power lines is required.

When installing tents that require staking, Ohio State Law requires us to call 3 days prior to staking.  The public utility company will mark locations of underground PUBLIC utilities (gas, electric, phone and cable).  They will NOT mark PRIVATE utilities, underground sprinkler systems, or electric dog fences.

It is the homeowners responsibility to inform and mark all private utilities, sprinkler systems, electric fences, gas grills, landscape lighting, etc.  Prime Time Party Rental is not responsible for damage to unmarked utilities.


If you have animals on the property, please restrain them from interfering with delivery staff.  Prior to delivery and pickup, please remove pet feces in and around the area where equipment is being setup and used.  Please prevent pets from urinating on equipment while it is set up on your property.


Our routing team bases their tent installations on the weather.  Your tent setup will be determined by the forecast, however may be delayed due to weather conditions.  If weather predictions are poor we may setup early (provided equipment and site is available, etc).  Wind speeds over 30 MPH (lightening, hail, extreme cold, etc) may delay or cancel setup or takedown.  Please keep in mind that the safety of our staff is imperative and while we understand the importance of your intended timeline for setting up your event, we do not put our employees at risk in during inclement weather situations.  Our staff works diligently to ensure that all customers receive their tent prior to the event date/start time.     

Winter weather can pose potential problems that make installing a tent difficult.  Extreme weather and frozen ground can pose issues.  We request extra days prior to your event for setup and additional days for takedown to account for these potential concerns.  Our tent specialist will discuss details concerning winter dates.


We recommend you mow your yard prior to the 1-2 days in advance of setup.  Area where tent is to be setup should be cleared out, free and clear of any obstacles.

Prevent people from parking vehicles in or around the setup area.

Most tent installations require us to be able to drive right up to where we need to work because of the size and weight of the tents we may be setting up for you.  If truck access is not available and we need to transport materials more than a minimal distance from the truck, it may also require an additional fee.

Please turn off all sprinkler systems prior to arrival.

Upon removal of the tent, please remove all items from under the tent before the tent crew arrives.