Tents Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent do I need?

Many factors go into determining the proper size of a tent.
First you need to determine the number of people you want to accommodate in the tent, as well as the style of seating. Remember to consider dance floors, staging, buffets, bars and additional table needs.
Our Tent Calculator is a quick reference to help you determine the square footage needed. Our tent specialist will work with you to get the proper size to fit your needs.

How do you anchor tents?

There are several different styles of tents and each one has its own installation process. Just as there are many styles of tents, there are many ways to anchor them into the ground to secure them. All tents require anchoring but the type of anchoring is determined by the style of the tent and the surface the tent is to be installed on.

What is tent staking? Will it damage my asphalt parking lot?

Tents can be installed nearly anywhere including concrete and asphalt. The most popular and economical option is drilling holes into the asphalt and repairing them after the tent is removed. This is done by drilling a hole that’s about one inch in diameter and driving a stake into the hole. Stake holes can be filled following the event by request.


Below are a picture of the 1 inch diameter hole that we create in the asphalt and a picture after the repair. Over time the patch becomes almost invisible.




When do you install and remove a tent for my party?

The installation of your tent will be based upon on routing schedule and availability of a tent crew scheduled to be in your area.

Do you allow customers to BBQ under tents?

Customer shall not cook under or near tents. Customer shall pay all losses or costs incurred for damage to or cleaning of tent tops due to cooking under or near tents.

What if it's too cold or too hot inside the tent?

We offer a range of heating and cooling systems to keep your guests comfortable.
Visit our Tent Accessories page for options and details.

Do I need a permit for a tent?

Most residential properties do not require a tent permit. However, the State of Ohio requires anyone wishing to erect a tent greater than 400 sq. feet on public property to obtain a permit and fire safety inspection. Each tent erected requires a separate permit and inspection.


Every jurisdiction requires specific forms and fees to be completed prior to the tent installation.


The Prime Time Party Rental staff will facilitate the necessary paperwork and fees on your behalf to ensure proper permits are administered and inspections are completed to avoid any disruption with your event.


These fees will be added to your tent quote.

Do you allow customers to put up their own tent?

We do offer certain tents that are considered self-install by the customer.

Do your tents have sides?

Our tents are rented without sides, however we do offer multiple sidewall options at an additional fee.
View our Tent Accessories page for details.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a tent?

Reserving as far ahead as possible will ensure the widest selection of tents and accessories.
All tents are rented on a first-come-first-served basis. It is a good idea to reserve further ahead, especially in the busy summer months.

What is the difference between a Pole tent and a Frame tent?

There are an array of different style tents. The best type of tent for your event with be determined by surface and location of the tent.
View our Types of Tents page to learn about the different types of tents available.

How do I obtain a quote for a tent?

You can visit our showroom and meet one-on-one with a tent specialist, call our sales line or you can request on online quote.
Click to make a One-on-One Appointment with a tent specialist or to complete a Tent Inquiry Request.

What about inclement weather?

Inclement weather could potentially affect your event. While our tents and their components are considered to be in good working condition and may be engineered to meet certain standards, tents/canopies are temporary structures. Strong winds, snow loads, lightning and the like, may create situations that could threaten a tent’s viability.
Customers should be aware of severe weather conditions and have a plan to evacuate a tent if such conditions manifest. If severe weather threatens a tent(s), it is the customer’s responsibility to evacuate the tent(s). Failure to evacuate the tent site in severe weather can result in serious injuries or fatalities.
If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, immediately evacuate the tent until the chance of a lightning strike is no longer present. Poles and frames are excellent conductors and and provide the grounding that lightning requires.
In the event of projected or actual conditions, Prime Time Party Rental may dismantle or remove any equipment to ensure safety of persons or property. Tents are not guaranteed water or leak proof.

What Tent Safety Recommendations should I observe?

Prime Time Party Rental follows the tent manufacturer recommendations and safety guidelines when it comes to tent staking, set up, and installation. Once installed, do not adjust tent components in any way.
If you notice any changes to the tent structure such as sides flapping, tops sagging, straps loose, etc., notify Prime Time Party Rental immediately so the tent can be re-secured.
A tent is a temporary structure that does not provide adequate protection from severe weather. In the event of a storm, use your best judgement on whether to evacuate.
In the event the tent is damaged in a storm, protect personal property in and around the tent.

What do I need to do to prepare for the tent arrival?

There are many factors to consider when preparing for a tent arrival. Please visit our Tent Arrival Preparation page for details.

What other things do you need to consider when renting tents for your event?

When installing a pole tent, you need to allow an extra 5 feet around the perimeter of the tent for setup.


The stakes of the tent will extend this distance beyond the tent. This means a 20′ x 20’ tent requires a 30’ x 30’ area for installation.


In addition to allowing for area around the tent, you also need to consider things above the tent such as trees and utility lines.

What about rental item security?

Once the items are delivered, you are responsible for securing the area to prevent vandalism and theft to items. Customers will be charged for any items not returned.

Why should I rent from Prime Time Party Rental?

We are not always the cheapest, but that is because we do not take short cuts or provide unsafe tents to save money. The old saying, “you get what you pay for.” stands true.
We guarantee you high quality tents and great service. We have a large range of tent sizes to cover events large or small. We purchase only high-quality, heavy-duty tents.
Our expertise and industry knoweldge will save you money in the long run. While some of our competitors may take short cuts or not properly fit a tent for a specific job, we take the time to ensure that all laws and safety precaustions are followed for the peace of mind and safety of you and your guests.

We maintain our inventory and inspect it regularly so that you and your event will look great. Our experienced event rental specialists will be happy to help you plan the perfect celebration.

We will make every effort to accommodate any special needs or requirements.

Where can I find pricing information?

All events are priced based on location, size of tent and duration of event.
Click to make a One-on-One Appointment with a tent specialist or to complete a Tent Inquiry Request.

Do you travel to my area?

Generally speaking, we travel throughout the Greater Dayton area and parts of Cincinnati for certain situations. To find out if we travel to your area, please contact us at 937-296-9262.

Do you provide tents for large events?

We’ve been covering the Dayton and Cincinnati’s most prestigious events for 20 years. We provide tents for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, backyard parties, church events, graduation parties, auctions, car sales, grand openings, galas, festivals, fairs, fundraisers and MORE!
Whether you are in need of a tent for 40 people or a tent for 400, Prime Time Party Rental has a tent for you!

I'd like to add some wow to my outdoor event. What can I do to make my event unique?

There are lots of other ways to make your event one that your guests will remember for years to come. A tent is like a blank canvas and what you do with it is only limited by your imagination.

We can light the tent ceiling, cover the tables with an array of dazzling linen options, and make a statement with chairs and decor.

We partner with many local event decorators that have a wealth of experience making tents unique and breathtaking. We would be happy to recommend some of the ones we have had experience with in the past.

Can tents be installed without stakes?

A tent can transform even the most challenging area. We can provide weights to secure the tent when it cannot be staked.
Please mention this when ordering. This does significantly add to the cost of installing the tent.There are companies who will install tents with a very minimal amount of weight, risking the safety of you and your guests to save money.As part of our commitment to you, we will be sure to secure our tents in a safe manner even though this may be more expensive.Securing tents to weights is an excellent way to provide shelter even in difficult areas where stakes cannot be driven into the ground due to underground utilities, hard surfaces, or asphalt that cannot be disturbed.

May I cancel my tent if the weather is beautiful?

Many people want the security of a tent but would like to hold their event in the open air if it’s a nice day.


We are happy to work with you on this. It works like this: when you reserve your tent, you pay a 25% deposit. If your event is on a Saturday, we normally install the tent on Friday. You may cancel the tent as late as Thursday by 9:00 AM and not need to pay any more than the deposit that you’ve already paid. By that time, you should be able to have a good idea of the weather forecast for the weekend. There are two exceptions to this: linens need to be cancelled one day earlier than tents in order to get a 75% refund and permits are not refundable at all. If you want even more time to make a decision, you may pay 50% and cancel any time up until the arrival of the installation crew.

What type of events can you use a tent?

A tent can provide the perfect atmosphere for nearly any event.
Weddings, backyard parties of any size, corporate events, sales promotions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, formal dinners, auctions, fundraisers, festivals, graduation parties and much more.

What is your largest tent?

We have tents that come in widths of 10 feet to 100 feet. They can be expanded in length up to hundreds of feet long.
Currently, the largest tent we’ve installed is a 100′ x 170′. It is Dayton’s largest clearspan tent.
That’s large enough to seat over 1,000 guests within the 17,000 square foot space. Since tents are expandable, we can create even larger tents if necessary.

Do you have more pictures of tents I can see?

We have a Tent Gallery divided by the different styles of tents we offer.

Do you have seating charts or drawings I can view?

We have example layouts for specific tent sizes. While your seating needs may vary, this is a helpful tool in imagining how a certain size tent can be designed.


We have a Standard Tent Floorplan and Wedding Tent Layout album to view.

Do you have installation videos I can view to understand the installation process?

We will have self install videos posted soon.

What is included in the cost of the tent?

The cost of the tent is based on grass installation and includes set-up and removal.
Installation is generally completed the day or so before the event, weather dependent and removal the day or so after.
Taxes and delivery are extra.
Table and chair set up and tear down is available for an additional fee.