Rental Use & Care Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we break something?

Damage Waiver is automatically applied to all rental contracts unless waived by the customer.
Damage Waiver covers any accidential damage to inventory items. It does not cover lost or stolen items and is not refundable. However, it is optional and can be declined prior to the order leaving the building. By declining the damage waiver the renter accepts responsibility of the replacement cost and shipping of any inventory items returned damage.
Below is the description of the Damage Waiver terms:
If you pay the damage waiver charge (DW) as specified, subject to the limitations and exclusions below, Prime Time Party Rental agrees to modify the terms of this contract and relieve you of liability for accidental damage to the rented item(s) on this contract, and for loss due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset, and riot. We exclude from the waiver, however, any loss or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or any loss due to your failure to care for the rental item(s) as a prudent person would his/her own property. You are required to provide a police report on all damage to which the damage waiver modification applies. Our insurance does not cover item(s) while in the Renter’s possession. You are required to return all damaged equipment or pieces whether still useful or not. The damage waiver is NOT REFUNDABLE if item(s) are not damaged and must be agreed to prior to the rental delivery or pickup.

When I rent china & other items, what am I expected to do with the items after the event?

All china, silver, utensils, etc. should be free of food, rinsed, and replaced in their delivery containers.
Linens should be shaken and air dried before placing in the laundry bags to prevent mildew.