Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

There are multiple ways to make a reservation. If you already know what products you would like to reserve, you may call or visit the showroom to place the order. Please see the Contact Us page for options.
If you already have a quote and would like to confirm the order, you can call or visit the showroom to pay a deposit and confirm the order.

How do I receive a quote?

There are multiple ways to receive a quote:
You may use our online shopping catalogue and add items to your wishlist. Once you submit your quote request our event rental specialist will check the availability of the items requested for your event date and send you a formal quote.
You may call one of our event specialists over the phone and discuss the items for which you would like a quote.
You may visit the showroom and request a quote in person.
Please visit our Contact Us page for options.

What about items which are delivered, but not used. Will I be charged for those as well?

You will be charged for all items that leave our warehouse, whether used or not. Our rental contracts are based on time out. Any product not in our warehouse prevents us from renting to another customer.

What if we are tax exempt?

If you are a retailer or vendor making purchases for resale or you are a qualified tax
exempt entity, you need the appropriate tax form completed prior to ordering. You can find the appropriate form for the State of Ohio here: